Friday, April 29, 2016

Changing Up Our Snap Base Jewelry Pieces

With the interchangeable snap jewelry, there are so many options to create your own styles.  We like to sell a variety of the commercial snap base items but most of them we have reworked or changed to fit even more into our Interchangeable Collection.  For instance, we have added our clip clasp to various items so they can be easily interchanged and worn in different ways (see photo below).

A - Attaching pendants to scarf bails
B - Attaching pendants to necklace cords
C - Attaching and interchanging necklace ribbons
D - Attaching charms or eyeglass holder rings

This little flower snap base finding is a fun piece that can be used in so many ways just by adding various components. 

 As a pendant (with the added clip clasp shown below):

As a clip on charm for keychain, jeans or handbag:

Turn it into a longer style necklace:

Join several to create a multi-snap necklace:

These are some new rainbow jellyroll snaps we created.  I love the bright colors!  The necklace below has our velvet necklace straps added.   The velvet ribbon is colorfast (will never bleed) and is hand washable.  Pat dry with a towel and is nice and soft to wear again!

Or even make it into a necklace eyeglass holder:

And of course, you can also add polymer clay as shown in part 2 of my Snap Jewelry tutorial:

** If you are looking for some of the components or findings that we used here and in our tutorial lessons, most of them are sold in the jewelry supply section of our online store.  And don't forget our 10% off coupon is good until tomorrow night.

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