Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stroppel Cane "Snaps"

We just finished making some shawl pins with our Stroppel canes as well as some buttons.  The Stroppel cane is named after Alice Stroppel, another polymer artist, who invented it.  It is a fun technique using clay scraps or left-overs.  I love how hardly anything is wasted with polymer clay.   The buttons, for instance, were made from the centers that were cut out from the shawl pins.

We then used some of the left-over pieces to make "snaps" for our interchangeable jewelry line.  I love how they all coordinate yet each one is completely unique!

The "snap" bracelet shown here is a new style we now have available in our online store.  You will find it along with some other jewelry pieces with a snap base in our "Snap" Decisions section.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful technique and very good way to use left-overs!Thanks for sharing! I really like these colorful buttons!