Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Important Update Info for the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure!

I recently received more info on how the Polymer Clay Adventure Retreat works and thought I should explain as best I can to help prevent any confusion -- especially for those who would like to receive my complimentary tutorial as a bonus gift.  You can read more about this on my previous blog post here.

Each of the 24 teachers involved (including myself) have the opportunity to promote this great Event to sell tickets.  The Retreat is headed up by llysa & Kira of Polymer Clay TV who do all the organizing and collect the funds, etc.  All we do is provide the means for you to access the retreat and purchase your ticket.  Each of the teachers receive a commission for anyone who signs up through them and the link they have provided.  So, if you have clicked on a link to view the retreat information provided by one of the teachers, then you are under that person.  You do not have to buy your ticket at that time but you have basically connected yourself to be under them.  So if you have already clicked on some other teacher's link and try to click on mine to purchase your ticket, it is too late and you are already under the name who's link you first "clicked" on.

So, if you are interested in signing up through me and receiving my free tutorial gift, but do not want to buy just yet, then all I ask is just click on this button here:

By simply clicking on the button will lock you in under my name so that when you decided you want to buy your ticket later, you will already be linked to me.  Even if you think you might have clicked on someone else's link first, click on this link anyways, just in case you didn't.  I will not know right away who signs up through me until later when they send me the list of names.

I know many of you might be disappointed if you find out that you already "signed up" through someone else and so therefore do not qualify for my free tutorial gift.  If that is so, I will do something special for you later (if you contact me).  Just be sure to follow our blog (sign up on the right hand side for direct e-mails) so you can stay posted for future contests and give-a-ways.


Krithika said...

That's very complicated, especially with the flood of promotional links out there! I signed up sometime around midnight on Saturday using the link from your post, I hope my name ended up in the right place. I love the look of the art deco patterns!

2 Good Claymates said...

No worries, I will check for you when I get the list of names. If you do not hear from me after, then please comment again or contact me and I will do what I can. As long as you clicked on the link I provided and no one else's before hand then there is no problem. Unfortunately I wasn't aware that many of the teachers taught last year and some of their contacts overlap some of ours and so many might have clicked on their link first which means they can sign up through me but it doesn't count as it is whoever's link they clicked on first gets locked in. I wish I knew it would be this complicated before I got involved but it was a good learning process for me and I am glad for the opportunity to teach elsewhere.