Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Prototype - Combining Styles!

I love engineering and inventing new items when working with polymer clay.  When I get an idea, it is in my head sometimes for months while my brain tries to work it out.  For some things I need to work in stages and create my first prototype which sometimes evolves into other variations or new ideas.  Other ideas just suddenly pop into my head and I am totally surprised why I hadn't thought of it before!  This new style I came up with is a perfect example.  We have been making more of our scarf jewelry components interchangeable simply by adding a special clip type clasp.  We can also add "snap" base pendants to the scarf bails for another variation.  I then realized we could maybe add a snap base to the scarf bail but had to work it out to see if it was possible.  Here is the result!

So to create the scarf bail with the snap base, I combined  methods from two of my tutorials:

Constructing Accent Pieces for Your Scarves, Sweaters & Shawls
and     Snap Decisions - Part 2

Here are the instructions to make a scarf bail with a snap base using the above two tutorials.  I will refer to them as "Scarf"  and "Snap" as the instructions will switch back and forth between the two.

# 1 - Roll out your sheet of clay to add your snap base - See Snap Tutorial - Step 1 (page 5)

# 2 - Cut our the scarf bail base form - See Snap Tutorial - Step 2 (page 5)  AND  Scarf Tutorial - Step 50 (page 18)

# 3 - Crimp your snap base onto the raw clay piece. - See Snap Tutorial - page 27

Add snap to center front of scarf bail before baking
Side view of snap base crimped onto clay
# 4 - Attach the ring and bake your piece. - See Scarf Tutorial - Steps 51-60 - (pages 18-20)

Scarf bail with snap ready to bake.
Side view of scarf bail with snap.
 # 5 - Add the veneer to the scarf bail base.  - See Snap Tutorial - Steps 11-15 - (pages 7-8)

Bake your piece and you are done!

We now have a large selection of snap supplies and tools in our online shop as well as jewelry findings that we use in our tutorials such as the smaller rings for scarf bails.  These rings are a perfect fit for the clip type clasp used to make the scarf jewelry interchangeable.

Rings for scarf bails
Clip Clasp
Interchangeable Scarf Jewelry Pieces

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