Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thread & Paper Store Opening Demo

There was an excellent turn out at the grand opening of the new Thread & Paper store in Salmon Arm  today.  Dave and I were set up in the classroom area to demo our clay which went really well.  We were mainly focusing on how our handcrafted buttons are made.  The lady bugs and "Natasha" beads (or inside out beads) were a big hit.  Here is some of the scrap clay we used and a few beads we made from it.

We will be teaching a Beginner workshop (Introduction to Polymer Clay) at the Thread & Paper store in November which is now full.  There was a fair bit of interest so we may be teaching another one in the new year.

samples for the beginner clay workshop
The new store is really spacious and packed with a lot of really cool supplies for the knitter, quilter and also now the scrapbooker.  I managed to explore the scrapbooking section and found lots of fun things that I could use with the clay.

Some of the scrapbooking section at Thread & Paper
centre area of the store with scrapbooking section in the foreground
And finally, here is where most of our handcrafted buttons and wearable art pieces are displayed in the store.

It was a great day but we were pretty exhausted afterwards so this is me relaxing at home on the patio afterwards....

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Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Looks like a lovely store, Carolyn! I love making Natasha beads, and they are always a hit with non-clayers,,, rather magical :)