Saturday, September 13, 2014

Small Buttons

Anne from Kelowna Yarn & Needlecraft sent us a picture of an adorable kids cardigan sweater she made with our handcrafted buttons.  This sweater is her class project this fall.  She wanted to use the lady bug buttons but they were a little too large so she attached one to the collar as an accent.  The main buttons she used are our sorbet treats in lime green.

Most of our children's types buttons are now sold individually in the stores rather than in a package.  We have found that this works great for certain styles as some of the colors can mix and match like the toglets used in the sweater shown below created by one of Kelowna Yarn's customers (see the previous blog post here).

Since some of the yarn shops we sell to specialize in baby and children's items, our smaller buttons have become more in demand.  We had requests for even smaller ones such as the Brilliant Blooms and so we came up with the Mini version.

To see what shops sell our buttons and other handcrafted items, you can visit our website page here.

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