Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Faux Turquoise in New Colors

I've been experimenting with my Faux Turquoise technique and finally made it in some new colors.  The photo below shows the faux turquoise in the usual blue shade on the left and the new greenish turquoise on the right.

Here are some faux turquoise beads in the new greener shade in the CaBezel molds ready to finish off in a necklace.  We have also been experimenting with sanding some of our pieces with the micro mesh and really love the finish they gave on these.  We will share more on that with you later.

And now here are some more buttons in a new red colored stone using my same faux turquoise technique.  I really love how this color turned out and coming up with all sorts of ideas on how to use it.

And last are some buttons done up in an ivory white blend.

So here are the clay recipes I used
to create the new faux Turquoise colors:

Follow the same steps in my Fabulous Faux Turquoise tutorial but use the following clay mixes.  (Sorry my clay recipes are only available using Kato clay -- see my Clay Color System tutorial for any of the color recipe mixes below.)

Green Turquoise:

Recipe Mix # 1
Follow the recipe for "Lagoon" (recipe #8-3)
but replace the pearl with only 1 part white mix #1-2

Recipe Mix # 2
Follow the recipe for "Lagoon" (recipe #8-3)
but replace the pearl with 4 parts white mix #1-2

Using 2 parts of the Mix #1 to 1 part of Mix # 2,
mix by rolling into two logs enough
to create a "marbling" effect.

Red Turquoise:

This was created with the Pantone Fall 2014 color
Aurora Red

White Stone Effect:

Combine 2 parts of White Mix #1-2 and 1 part Transluscent
Roll into two logs and mix enough
to create a "marbling" effect.

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Carla said...

I'm looking forward to our buttons coming in soon : )
I'm in Victoria and will pick up yard for a hat ; )