Monday, March 4, 2013

Tutorial Toot - some shameless self promotion

The Chameleon Exhibit came to an end last weekend and was a great success.  It was a real honor to be a part of such an exciting event.  Going out to the Horizons retreat was another highlight to last month and is where I unveiled my new lesson, Building Bargello Motifs.

Everyone had fun learning this new technique and when I was showing them how to combine their colors and then arrange them into bargello patterns or motifs there was some real "ahhhs".

This is a fun technique where you can create your own clay veneer patterns and then use them in so many different ways.

It is a fun technique where I take you from mixing up your color blends (without have to do a skinner blend) and then creating your patterns with many different variations that can be applied.  Some of the people in the class told me they thought the technique looked too finicky for them but were so pleased when they were making their own bargello veneers in no time. 

For those who have already purchased my Clay Color System and are using Kato clay, I have included references to all the colors I used to create all the bargello patterns taught in the tutorial.

I  really enjoy teaching and sharing with others who are so eager to learn.  When I receive such wonderful feedback from someone who took my class or purchased any of my lessons it gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

One person who purchased my bargello tutorial wrote: "it is the best tutorial on bargello I have ever seen, including the needlepoint ones."

Another person told me "I really like your tutorials.  You write them in a way that I totally get it."

Other feedback I've received:

"This is my third tutorial from you.  Your tutorials never disappoint.  I always learn so many new techniques."

"Absolutely perfect. These tutorials are packed with information that is useful and easy to follow.  Thank-you so much for helping me learn."

"After searching the web for useful information on how to make buttons, I found this person on Artfire.  I ordered a couple of her other tutorials and they were so thorough and easy to learn from, that I ordered this one as well.  I am so thankful that I did!  This is a marvelous tutorial and if you want to make buttons... start here!"

"Terrific tutorial. Very happy with this purchase. Can highly recommend.  A+++"

Regarding my Color System Tutorial:  "Excellent tutorial.  Great way to learn about color and organize your clay stash."

Many people have also shared with me how my color system, especially has not only helped them learn about color but to help inspire them as well.  Maureen (Moe) shared on her blog how "sometimes you just wanna go play with your clay but you have no oomph and nothing in mind to make but you just wanna do something."

She has found that mixing up new colors and color blends using my clay color system really helps energize her with new ideas.  This is her desk with her color blend sheets she has created.  It is a fun way of coming up with new colors and blends.  You can read all about it on her blog post here.  I find her blog quite entertaining and sometimes a real hoot to read.

Look at these gorgeous blue cabochons she made.  They just look like real stone cut gems, don't they?

So if you are looking for some new clay techniques to try but want some lessons that are a good value for you money and that are fun and easy to learn, you can check out the many other tutorials I have available in my online store as well as my Etsy shop.

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MoeArt said...

Now I can't wait to start that bargello! I have several of your tutes and love them all but that Color System is just the BEST! Thanks for the blog plug! And I'm glad you like my blue cabs. :D