Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Medallion Buttons

I have experimented further with Barb Fajardo's crackle technique until I was satisfied with the results that I was aiming for.  Working with alcohol inks can be quite painstaking and a bit of a challenge to control but I've actually come to enjoy playing with them a lot.  These Medallion Buttons are quite large (two inches) and were made special for Heather's Fabric Shelf to coordinate with some of their new batik fabrics.  They took a bit of time creating as I doodle a design on each one individually with no two alike.

Because the buttons are so large they could be quite heavy so I filled them with the Sculpey UltraLight clay before adding our handcrafted wire shanks and finishing off the backs with clay.  I show how to do this and make your own wire shanks for buttons in my Making Beautiful Buttons tutorial.

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