Monday, February 4, 2013

Bargello Veneers

I've been experimenting with various styles of bargello veneers for my tutorial and looking for inspiration from    bargello designs in quilts and tapestries to imitate in the clay.  I was quite excited when I managed to create this one the other day.

This piece is quite large actually (more than 5 inches across) so I have something special planned for it.

Getting excited about the Chameleon Exhibit which opens tomorrow.


Cynthia Blanton said...


Anonymous said...

Hope the Chameleon Show goes fantastically well Carolyn! Your Colour System is serving us well again! We are making up some new designs in the Emerald and it was SOOOOO wonderful to have your recipe ready to go. Hugs, and have fun at the Show,
Wendy Moore

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks so much. I am so glad you are making good use of the color system Wendy. Will love to see some of the emerald green items that are made. Thanks for the well wishes. Is quite exciting really.