Friday, February 22, 2013

Play Time at Horizons

There is something special about going to a retreat and meeting with others that have the same common interest.  Sharing with each other and learning new techniques is just part of the fun.  We maybe all didn't finish our projects we were working on but just the ideas and inspiration is enough to jump-start you for another season and get your creative juices flowing.

This year the focus was on several projects we could do such as learning how to make an Inro by Joan Tayler.  We then decorated our Inro with some "manic mokume" by Ellen Kocher or some bargello taught by myself.  There were some other fascinating demos and mini-classes such as sculpting a head by Olga and making a dye-formed dish by Jem Redlich.

Many of us didn't get a chance to finish our Inros so we have been working on them afterwards.  I finally finished mine and so I wouldn't forget what I did, I immediately started another one.  There is a lot of work in making one of these little container/purse/pendants but when it actually turns out and it opens and closes like it should, it is very rewarding!

Inro closed

Inro partially open

Joan Tayler showing us how to make her Inros.
Ellen is in the back right who taught her mokume technique.

some mokume veneers using Ellen's technique.
I haven't decided what to make with them yet.

Jem Redlich doing a demonstration on making her bowls.

Everyone concentrating on their clay projects

One of the traditions at Horizons is an optional button swap.  This is a sample of the buttons that were exchanged this year which make awesome mementos of the event.


Carrie Harvey said...

I love the way you have cut round your bargello on your inro! It looks wonderful.

Sylvia said...

Bargello with a Deco edge! Lovely. May I ask what you used as a mould for the Inro? I'm longing to have a go, but I need something to shape it over, and I'm stuck for ideas.

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks Carrie and Sylvia. There is a whole lot more you can do with the bargello and I am still experimenting even more with it.

Sylvia, we just used a piece of wood for our mould and worked great. Joan does teach a different method and is planning on writing a tutorial for it some day. I like the way she does it with a few less steps than the way Donna Kato does. It is a very practical method.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!