Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adding a Signature Stamp Tutorial

This is another piece I made special for the Chameleon Exhibit.  I combined my bargello technique with the CaBezels by Wendy Orlowski.  I will be teaching how to create bargello veneers such as this one at the Horizon's Polymer Clay retreat coming up in two weeks.

We like to put our logo on the pieces we create using our signature stamps.  Sometimes it is difficult to add it during the "building" process without damaging the front of the piece before baking or sometimes I would simply forget so I have found a way to add it later.

I do this by first running some clay through a very thin setting on the pasta machine.  You want it thin enough so it doesn't stand out much on your piece but not too thin or it will tear when it is stamped.

You may need to use a mold release of some sort such as lightly dusting the clay sheet with some cornstarch or spritzing with water.  Make an impression in the clay with your stamp.  I sometimes do several at a time or you may have to do a few for practice until you get one with an even impression that you like.

Cut out around your stamp using a shape cutter.

Add a little bit of liquid clay to the back and position it onto the reverse side of your piece and rebake.


Cara Jane said...

Lovely piece! Have fun at the retreat!

I have learnt - the hard way - also to add signatures/backings after baking the piece. So easy to ruin it if you aren't careful!

Rose Brown said...

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Linda Hess said...

I love your signature stamp, but couldn't find anything similar following your links. Where did you have it made? thank you

2 Good Claymates said...

Unfortunately the company (Jet Stamps) shut down and isn't around anymore.