Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Selling Out

We finally finished our last show for the season here in our little village of Chase.  Each year our town has a Chase Country Christmas weekend celebration with plenty of fun activities starting with a parade Friday evening.  We had our usual large set-up at the craft fair featuring our scarf jewelry and interchangeable earring system.

Since Chum N' Luba's Unique Boutique is new and sells a selection of our handcrafted jewelry, we helped to promote this fabulous shop.  The photo above shows one of their vintage dresses with our scarf jewelry and below with one of our vintage floral necklaces.

Dave and I both found the Christmas shows this year to be quite exhausting and stressful since our work load with selling wholesale has more than doubled.  A new experience for us was selling out on several items  on several occasions.  It is a good thing really but a little overwhelming when you think you need to make more inventory in such a short time.  Oh well, if this is as bad as it can get, I think we will survive!


Carla said...

Congrats on your success!

Anonymous said...

Dave and Carolyn, how fantastic. I hope you can sit back and have a bit of a relax now. Loved the necklace on the green dress. It looks gorgeous! Wendy M

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks Carla and Wendy. Yes, we are hoping for a little time to relax right after all our displays and stuff get cleared away and catch up on a few more orders. Right now our house looks like a disaster struck and really needs tidied so I can find things again! lol