Monday, December 17, 2012

Clay Recipe for the Pantone Color Tender Shoots

Tender Shoots is a shade of lime green that I am especially fond of.  When I first discovered polymer clay, this shade of green was the first color I learned how to mix and wanted to use it in almost everything.  It is easy to lean towards your favorite colors when creating but if we intend to sell the creations we make, we need to think about others and their color preferences as well.  This is why I love mixing up the new Pantone colors each season as it helps to push my boundaries in creating new shades of colors I normally would not mix up as well as create new color combinations with them.  So here is the clay recipe for the Pantone Spring 2013 fashion color, Tender Shoots.

15 parts yellow
1/2 part green
1/4 part gold
6 parts white mix # 1-2 *

* See my Clay Color System for this clay base recipe.

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