Friday, December 28, 2012

Celebrations, Preparations and Featured in Polymer Arts Blog

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of our "Ebbtide" Necklaces featured on The Polymer Arts Blog this morning (yesterday).  The blog is by Sage Bray who is also the creator and editor of The Polymer Arts Magazine.  This is a great new magazine which is also available in digital format.

I hadn't thought about this necklace for awhile until I saw it on Sage's blog.  It brought back memories of some our past work and how it keeps changing and evolving over the years.

This fall and winter has been a busy season for Dave and I and so felt good to take some time out to finally rest, relax and catch our breaths.  We also took a little time to celebrate 26 great years together (26 on the 26th) and now it is time to start thinking and planning our work for the new year.  We generally like to discuss what we have made and sold in the past and what we want to work towards in the future.  It helps us to stay focused and head in the direction we want to go.

Having someone to work together and discuss things with has been a real blessing for me.  It is so easy to get caught up in my clay and with two people working together as a team helps keep things a little more in balance.

Right now our focus is on my first ever gallery showing that is coming up in February.  It is an all polymer show in Vancouver called "The Chameleon Clay" in which I am thrilled to be one of six featured artists.  Other members of the local polymer clay guilds will be submitting items for the juried part of the show as well.

There is a lot of finishing details yet to prepare such as how to display some of the pieces I will be showing and a few special items that are still not quite complete.  You can read more about this show here and follow the blog that has been set up about it here.  My Container/Vase will be one of the pieces included in the gallery show.  It is made completely from polymer clay and the lid fits in just the right position so the opening is completely hidden when it is closed.

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