Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Signature Stamp Tutorial

A few weeks ago I said I would share how I made a signature stamp so I'm finally getting around to it.  You can use this method to create other types of stamps as well.  

Start with drawing out your design on some tracing paper.  If you are doing anything with lettering such as our logo as  shown below, you don't have to worry about reversing them because the stamp will create the same image as you are drawing.

1.    2. 

(1) On a thick sheet of clay pressed onto a tile so it doesn't slip, place your drawing over the clay and lightly trace over the image with a pointed tool to create a light impression. 
(2) Pull the paper away and with your tool, go over the impression several times to make a deeper impression.  Try to use the same pressure so all of the impressions are of the same depth. 

3.    4. 

(3) Trim the excess clay away, leaving the carved piece on the tile to bake.  Bake following your clay package instructions.  After your piece is cooled, sand it with wet/dry sandpaper until it is smooth and level.  You have now created your "mould" to make your stamp.
(4) Now take a medium-thick sheet of clay and press the clay into your mould to create a reversed image.

5.    6. 

(5) Press this piece of clay onto a ceramic tile and carefully cut around the letters.  Do not remove it from the tile or it will distort and bake this piece.
(6) Shape a piece of clay and attach it to the back of your stamp to make a handle.  Bake this piece again.


(7) You may need to lightly sand your stamp to make a smooth impression (which naturally I have not done yet here!)  Anyhow, Voila!  Your stamp is now ready to use!


Sandy said...

Great tutorial! I'll have to try it. Would also work with just simple textures.

Nicely done.

2 Good Claymates said...

I agree about using this technique for textures as I have done that as well and also made other types of stamps from my own drawings.

agoodwitchtoo said...

Awesome tutorial!

treeseaoriginals said...

That sound so easy! I have been thinking about making my own stamps, as I am never happy with the store bought ones and they are soooo expensive! This way I can get the depth and design I want. Thanks for the tips!

Betty said...

Very interesting tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Cherie said...

Great tutorial! have to try it.

BethAnne said...

2 years after your post, this is still so relevant!!! Thanks for the simple instructions!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to make some of my own stamps...this is great...a silly question though...what type of tile are you referring to in the tutorial?...thanks for the info.

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks. The tile I am talking about is just a plain ceramic tile that you can bake on. You can buy them at any hardware or tile store.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you draw you initals on the paper, then turn the paper over. You could then draw the design backwards to start with.

2 Good Claymates said...

Yes you could do that but it depends what kind of impression you want -- "inny or outy".

Di Stirling Pottery said...

I just love the simplicity of making these stamps. It opens up lots of ideas. Thanks Di