Friday, February 27, 2009

Custom Designs

I love the challenge of creating custom designs for people as it forces me to stretch my creativity and try new things.  One of our latest requests was for a cross pendant (in brown or beige tones) on a brown suede cord with some sort of matching earrings.  I thought of the cross pendant we had made for a friend last year in a mokume gane but decided to try a few other techniques and then let her choose which pendant she liked the best.

This is the pendant she chose and so I made earrings to match.  Because she likes her earrings to dangle a fair bit, we added the sand opal Swarovski crystals which added a nice finishing touch.

The filigree cross pendants shown in the photo below were created by arranging tiny strands of clay to form a pattern.  These were a lot of fun to create as well as the mica shift ones shown in the bottom photo.  A mica shift is a technique where you create a ghost image in the clay.  The crosses appear textured but in fact they were sanded to a silky smooth finish and then buffed to create a satin sheen.

We decided to finish the crosses with some rich velvet ribbons to create an elegant look.


Anonymous said...

I was the customer who ordered the cross and earring set and must say they are much more beautiful in person than they are on the site (as are all the other pieces I have ordered and received). All my coworkers have been impressed with pieces I have ordered and several have ordered their own items as well and have been pleased too with the quality and the workmanship!!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks Tammy! So glad you like them!

Beadcomber said...

Hi Carolyn and an award for you to pick up on my blog....

dey said...

just go to greet


jasmoonbutterfly said...

they are beautiful!