Monday, March 2, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

We received an award from Tina Holden (Beadcomber) which is a great honor!  Thanks Tina!

When one receives this reward they are to write about what inspires them. 

Dave says he gets inspired by looking at the many beads, metal findings, stones, polymer clay pieces, etc. laying in front of him.   He then likes pulling them together to form a design like putting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together to form a picture.   This is why he enjoys creating necklaces the most.  The earrings are usually added later to coordinate as a set.

It is difficult to say exactly where my inspiration comes from.  I would say just about everything that surrounds me and crosses my path!  If I had to nail it down I would say there are several main things that come to mind.

1. Fabrics and Textiles.
As I loves to sew and have been making my own clothes since high school (the only way I could afford that prom dress and later the wedding gown I wanted).  I love fabrics with rich color and texture like silks, lace, brocades, tapestries and printed cottons.  I use to be a real sewing addict and could not walk by a fabric store without being lured in by all the color and have to touch and feel the bolts of material I was drawn to!  I also love to soak in some of the patterns in the brocade, cotton and silk prints.  I have a collection of scraps from over the years that I just couldn't part with and I look at every so often to get some fresh ideas.

2. Nature. 
I love photographing flowers and plants.  After I discovered polymer clay I started looking at the flowers and foliage in a new way and visualizing flower and leaf canes or shapes!  I also have a seashell collection from our days of living in Mexico which I've use for textures and design ideas.

3. Colors -- I love deep rich colors and being surrounded by them.  That is why the walls in our home are never white! (Our family and friends can attest to that - lol !)  But it is the colors I see in everything that inspire me the most -- whether it be the fish on our shower curtain, the ceramic chillies hanging in our kitchen, other artists' work on the internet or a magazine I might be reading.

The first person I would like to pass this award to is   ---   Joan Tayler

She was the first person that inspired me with polymer clay when I took a bead making class from her about 3 years ago.  It was because of her I later became a member of the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild and learned more techniques and I never looked back since. 

I would also like to pass this award on to:

Caren Goodrich  -  I discovered her blog not too long ago and really like her kreativity!  Or maybe it was her name that first caught my attention -- We're just "Good" but she is "Good" and "Rich"  -- lol !!

Toni from New Zealand - She does beautiful cane work plus she gives a very entertaining read about the experiences of living in a foreign country.

And last to:  Donna Schrader of Cards and Clay - She does card making as well as polymer clay and I like her sense of humor.  

I would've given one to Sandy as well but Tina already beat me to it!

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Lisa said...

Congratulations Carolyn and Dave! I know what you mean about the textiles Carolyn... I also used to sew all my clothes in high school.. always finishing my dress for the prom at the last minute!!