Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seeing in Black and White

My finger seems to be healing quite nicely and since I am claying a little less right now, I have a little more time for blogging. A lot of my clay artist friends have been experimenting lately with various kaleidescope canes. These are made by combining various canes to form another cane and then arranging them as a kaleidescope type pattern. Since I love experimenting and trying new things I followed a tutorial from Judy Belcher who is one of my favorite polymer clay artists.

I decided that black and white was the best colors to start with this type of cane although they would not be my own personal color choices but I have since discovered why they are so popular. They make great accents to wear with other colors making them more practical and functional.

I consider myself a very practical type person (so Dave keeps reminding me) and I'm drawn to art that is more functional with some flare and is maybe a little exotic but not too extreme or wild. Anyhow, here are a few things I created from this technique. The photo above shows a brooch with a jet black crystal rhinestone embedded. Below are some bracelets and a pendant which we're still undecided on finishing but most likely hang from a suede leather cord.


Deb G, said...

I've also never gravitated to black and white but these bracelets and pendants really made me do a double take. They are great. I'm awaiting your book (you will write one on polymer clay right?).
Great work,
Deborah Groom

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks Deb, You are always so encouraging! As far as writing a book however I have learned (especially since working with polymer clay) to never say never -- l0l !!

Quipay Adventures said...

Hi Carolyn & Dave Your work is absolutely fabulous! I just love the black and white. All the best with your Esty site. Looking forward to seeing more of your work....