Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another year to be thankful for...

It was Dave's birthday last week and now with his new kidney we had a lot to celebrate. He has been doing very well since his transplant -- as a matter of fact better than average so the future seems much brighter these days.

I wanted to make a special gift for him so I made a bracelet for his watch. I wanted it to look more masculine without any beads and so experimented for the first time with curved tiles. I have to say it was a little trickier to make but I was really pleased with the results. I think I will have to experiment more with these for a different look.

I had an incident today where I sliced the back of my index finger --- I know I'll heal but unfortunately will make working with my clay a little challenging in the next while -- Fortunately I managed to finish most of my orders I've been trying to fill which is a relief! I don't know how I will suffer more in the next while -- pain from the cut finger or withdrawl from claying!!

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