Friday, July 29, 2022

New Items in our Serveware Collection

Most everyone that knows me first connects me to making jewelry and second to making buttons.  While I do make those the most, I also enjoy creating in a different dimension and with larger items and so also have, what I call, my "Serveware Collection".  I haven't been able to list any of these in our online store as of yet since they seem to sell before I get the chance.  Hopefully I will be able to have some listed in time for Christmas this year.

Art Deco Serveware

I collect an assortment of stainless steel serving items that would work really well with the clay such as cheese knives, pizza cutters and other utensils.  Here are a few new items I recently created and are now for sale at the Shuswap Artisan Market in Sorrento, BC, Canada.

Cheese Knives - Blue

Cheese Knives - Citrus

Pizza Servers

Pizza Servers

There are quite a few more designs at the market, however I just wanted to share a few samples for now.  These take quite a bit more work and time to create than the smaller jewelry items but the finished product in the end is very satisfying!

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