Monday, March 13, 2017

Strut Your Stuff With Our Interchangeable Boot Bracelets

With the cowboy festival coming up in Kamloops this week it has got us thinking about our boot jewelry and creating some new designs.  Boot bracelets and boot charms are a fun way to accessorize if you enjoy country western style dancing or just as an accent when going out.  Our original boot jewelry designs consist of using our faux turquoise, feathers and lizard tails. 

Faux Turquoise Boot Bracelet

Feather Boot Bracelet

Lizard Tail Boot Bracelet

Since we started our Snap Decisions collection it got me thinking about interchangeable designs.  These bracelets were made using the snap base connectors, beads and chain.  I love these as you only need one bracelet (or some people like to wear a pair) and then several decorative snaps to create different looks.

Interchangeable Snap Boot Bracelet

Boot Bracelet with Interchangeable Snap

Our latest style is a simple design combining the thicker (4.5 mm) softglass cord with a joiner charm (from Shades of Clay) and the snap base with the tube bail and several rubber o-rings to hold it in place.  I show an easy method for doing this in my mini tutorial for the snap necklace here.  The wonderful thing about this boot bracelet style is that you can also use the larger-size snaps like the ones shown here.

Softglass cord boot bracelet with interchangeable Canadian Maple Leaf Snap

Boot Bracelet with Softglass cord and Joiner Charm Clasp

Boot Bracelet with Softglass cord and Joiner Charm Clasp

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