Friday, March 17, 2017

Buttons for My Sweater Coat from KLA Originals

I finally finished the buttons for the Sweater coat I showed you the other day that was made by Kirsten of KLA Originals.  I had to put some thought into what type of buttons to make as I wanted them to compliment the piece and be noticeable yet not overwhelm it.  After considering several possible styles, I finally settled on a stacked mokume gane technique matching up several clay colors that were in the coat.  I knew I didn't want round buttons and they had to fit through the button holes so designed a sort of trapezoidal shape.

Thanks again to Kirsten for this wonderful wearable work of art and instant conversation piece every time I go out.  I now keep a supply of her cards in my pocket to give out when people stop and ask me where I got this beautiful coat!

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