Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A New Tutorial to Start off the New Year

The new year has been off to a slow start for us but we've been able to spend some time with family we hadn't seen in a while so that is nice.  I traded in some of my claying time over the holidays to do some baking and cooking up a few special meals instead which Dave has really appreciated!

We have accomplished a few things, however, this year so far though.  We've managed to list more items in our online store and I finally published my new tutorial, "From Scrap Clay to Art Deco"!

We always end up with so much left-over clay that we call scrap but it is never wasted.  We will sometimes mix it up to create new colors or use it as filler for beads.  We also love making Natasha beads or creating with Stropple canes and one day while playing around I discovered this fun new way to create bold and funky Art Deco patterns.

In my 16 page lesson I share my new technique along with a Kaleidoscope variation and tips on combining your scrap clay to achieve the best results.

Art Deco Kaleidoscope Variation
I also show an easy method to frame your designs to create buttons or jewelry pieces plus 2 full pages of photos for ideas and inspiration.

My new tutorial is now for sale in our Etsy shop as an instant download or if you do not want to pay the extra VAT tax, you can purchase it from our online store and we will e-mail it directly to you.

This is a fun new way to create new designs from your scrap.  We like to use the Art Deco patterns to create bracelet tiles, buttons, cabochons for our interchangeable "Snaps" and even create Tessellation patterns.

Bracelet Tiles
Tessellation variation
Interchangeable Fashion in a "Snap"


Krithika said...

I did sign up for PCA using your link, but not sure if I'm on your list or not? I love the look of this tutorial, I've been waiting to try it!

2 Good Claymates said...

I checked our list and e-mailed you a copy last night so check your spam mail. If you do not see it then e-mail us direct and we will resend it to you. (2goodclaymates@gmail.com)