Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Store Location for Donna's Yarn & Craft Centre

Anyone following our blog and lives in our area pretty much knows who Donna is from Donna's Yarn & Craft Centre.  Donna, along with her mom Elsie, run a really awesome store on North Shore Kamloops that is packed full of yarn, sewing notions and jewelry making supplies.

Donna's Yarn and Craft recently moved their store from the Fortune Shopping Centre to the Brock Shopping Centre (Tranquille Road -- on the way out to the airport).  This move is a huge undertaking and if you know their store you would understand.  We paid them a visit and gave them a hand the other day.  We were really impressed with the new store and how spacious it is compared to their previous location so it will be even better.

Donna being her "shy" self!  lol!

Donna (above) and Elsie (below) are working hard and putting in long hours so they can be up and running again as soon as possible.  They should be open again by this coming Monday (17th).  They are having difficulty getting their phone connected so if there is no answer that is probably why. (Thanks to the wonderful Shaw company!).

I helped Elsie (above) build those glass shelves!  Was a lot of fun but hard work!

I will share some photos of their new shop with you once they are open again.


Carla said...

I popped in the other day, and plan on going tomorrow. I'm looking forward to her new shop

2 Good Claymates said...

I was busy today but Dave spent a couple of hours there and helped a bit. He said they are trying to open on the weekend but depends on if they are ready by then. The shop is so nice, isn't it? I think there will be quite a few anxious customers by the time the reopen suffering from yarn withdrawl! lol