Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Donna's Yarn & Craft and Heather's Fabric Shelf New Locations

We managed to drop in and see Donna and Elsie at Donna's Yarn & Craft Centre one more time before they reopened yesterday (Monday).  Was nice to see the shelves filling up and all their unique items finding spots in their new location.  I had to admire all those glass shelves and I admire them even more now after helping Elsie put this and another double tower together.  They took a lot of hours to put together (I only helped a bit) and one can only imagine how much work there is in a move such as this.

Shelves filling up with yarn at Donna's Yarn & Craft Centre
Part of the bead section at Donna's Yarn & Craft
Was nice to see the one rack with our handcrafted buttons was already filled and organized.  Yes there is even more of our items at the store.  In fact, Donna has the largest selection of our handcrafted items available.  We also do special or custom orders for large projects through her store as well.

2GoodClaymates' Buttons
The cool thing about Donna's new location is that she is now in the same Brock Shopping Centre and almost right next to Heather's Fabric Shelf who also relocated there.  We popped in to see their new store and was nice to see how spacious and well organized it was.   They also now have more space in the back for their classes and operating their "Long Arm" machine.

Heather's Fabric Shelf
Heather's Fabric Shelf

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Carla said...

Donna's looks nice. I'm going Friday and taking my mother and my daughter in law who I just taught to knit. Looking forward to the new sock yarn ; )