Friday, May 29, 2015

Off to Lynden Tree Yarns in Grand Forks

We are off to Grand Forks BC for a presentation of our work at the new yarn shop, Lynden Tree Yarns.  It will be a full day as we demo our clay and show off our selection of handcrafted buttons, shawl pins and other knitting accessories.

Susan and Clyde of Riverstone Yarns will also be there and teaching a couple of classes on dying your own yarn.

We have a few new items that we will be showing off.  One is our new magnetic 5 way convertible brooches.

Wear 5 ways:
1 - double brooch
2 - single brooch with charm
3 - eyeglass or badge holder
4 - sweater guard
5 - necklace pendant

We also have the 3 way brooch as well:

Wear 3 ways:
1 - eyeglass or badge holder
2 - brooch with charm
3 - necklace pendant

The faux red turquoise is one of our art beads on a snap base from our "Snap Decisions" collection.  We are expanding with more new ideas with this and loving it.

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