Monday, May 25, 2015

Lots of Fun Stuff Arrived

A lot of fun stuff arrived in the mail today.  Is exciting to get all the new goodies but also means lots of serious claying ahead.  Of course that also represents fun -- especially when we get to make something new.  Our first item arrived earlier at the door with the Fed-Ex guy.  They were our rare earth magnets.  Was happy to find the ones we wanted from a Canadian supplier (thanks to Helen Breil for sharing).  Yes these have a hole in the centre which works perfectly for our new brooches in our interchangeable "Snap Decisions" collection.

Along with our usual Kato clay, these are some goodies that arrived from Shades of Clay.  They have so much stuff that is aimed for the polymer clayer and is nice they are here in Canada.  Some of the items here are Helen Breil's new silkscreens.  We have been experimenting with silkscreens and looking forward to trying these new ones out.

The Sculpey blade set is a present for Dave.  He was admiring one that someone had at our last Okanagan Polymer Clay guild meeting and loved the handles on it.  Now he has his own set and I am jealous as it is better than mine!  I think he will share with me so we're okay.

Also got some fun stuff that Wendy had on sale and clearing out getting ready for her new website.  Some Luminarte paint (one is a gorgeous purple color) and some fabric paint pens.  I am working on something this summer that involves fabric and painting so these should come in handy.

The sharp pointy tool should also come in handy as well as the little Kemper clay cutter.  I couldn't find it at first as it was so small and then discovered Wendy had attached it to our pointy tool.  The round cutter is just the right size for some special buttons we are making.  Did you know Shades of Clay has all sorts of these in different sizes?

The other item is in that foil package on the left.  That is a surprise that I will be sharing with you a little later.  It is a new product that Wendy sent us to play and experiment with.  We will give it a whirl and let you know what it is and what you can do with it soon.

Lastly, the long awaited interchangeable crochet hook kits arrived after being on back order for nearly 4 months!  We have some customers waiting for theirs so will be making some up as soon as we can get at them.

We are still waiting on more goodies but all this should be enough to keep us out of trouble for awhile!  After spending a whole week in front of the computer working on our new website it will be good to get back to the studio to clay!


knotsewcute said...

Yay...crochet sets are in!!! So exciting :)

2 Good Claymates said...

Yes I know! I was wondering if we were ever going to get more for a while there. Now to go make some up....