Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stitch Markers and Stitch Marker Holders

This time of year has been much busier for us than the past.  Some of it is due to our working on creating new items to sell through the yarn shops.  We held off making stitch markers for quite some time because we thought the market was already saturated and so who needs another stitch marker, right?  So it has been really exciting to see how a simple item like our Brilliant Bloom stitch markers has become a very popular item.  The markers are very light so they do not tug or pull on your work.  We also make them in 12 different styles and colors so people like to collect them all.

We just finished a large order for one of the local yarn stores.  Some people would think making this many at a time could be tedious or boring but we really enjoy this sort of thing.  We just put some music on in the studio and Dave has his routine and I have mine -- it is like a mini "assembly line".

Of course we wouldn't want to do this every day but when you make large amounts at a time, it can help you perfect your craft.  And while in this "production" mode, it is perfect for talking and discussing ideas while we work and brainstorming for the next new idea like our Rainbow Lollipop stitch markers.  

We originally created this pattern for crochet to coordinate with our handcrafted crochet hook handles but we received a request for some with the ring for knitting.

So that led to the idea of making a stitch marker holder to attach to a knitting bag and are made in the same fun bright colors.

If you do not live in our area and would like to purchase some for yourself, we now have them listed in our Etsy shop.

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Mal said...

You guys are simply amazing!