Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gorgeous Sweater Coats by KLA Originals

We really enjoy collaborating with other local artists.  Our recent one was with costume designer and artist, Kirsten Atkins of KLA Originals who creates fabulous upcycled sweater coats and jackets.

Kirsten was in need of just the right buttons for her latest project -- a sweater coat that would be entered into the Kamloops "Art Exposed" show.  The show is over so I am now allowed to share the photos with you.  Kirsten entered two sweater coats.  One was titled "Fire" and the other "Ice" and when you see them together you can see how the titles are so fitting.  As soon as I saw the beautiful textures and colors in the "Ice" sweater coat, I immediately thought of our Color Wheel buttons which seemed to go so well with the piece.  Rather than going with just one color, we did them up in several shades of blue, turquoise and teal.

So here are a few photos of the sweater coats that Kirsten created.  While they do look great, they look even more awesome in person as you can see up close all the detail and work that went into them!  Every square inch has been carefully arranged and pieced together which took many hours to create.

"Ice" by Kirsten of KLA Originals

"Ice" by Kirsten of KLA Originals
"Fire" and "Ice" by Kirsten of KLA Originals
"Fire" by Kirsten of KLA Originals
"Fire" by Kirsten of KLA Originals
Kirsten sells her original sweaters at local art shows and festivals but also has them available on her website if you would like to check out more of her awesome work.

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Incredible fashion, so artistic.