Monday, August 4, 2014

Pantone Fall 2014 Fashion Color Misted Yellow

The Pantone fall 2014 fashion color, Misted Yellow may seem to be an unusual color for fall but it is definitely a lovely shade for autumn.  When I first discovered the Pantone Fashion colors (years ago) I managed to purchase the color cards at a reasonable price.  One of the colors for that fall season was called "Lemon Curry" which I fell in love with.  Here are some of the first beads that I  made using this shade of yellow:

Misted Yellow is pretty much a lighter version of the Lemon Curry yellow.  If you have my "Clay Color System" tutorial, then you already have this recipe and by adding a bit of white, pearl or the White Mix formula, you will get the Misted Yellow version.

Clay Color Recipe for
Misted Yellow

2 parts Mix #6-4 (Lemon Curry)
1 part Mix # 1-2

Here are some pieces I made using Julie Picarello's mokume technique in the combination of Cypress, Aurora Red and Misted Yellow.

Scarf necklace bail and beads

Earring Beads

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