Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Attach a Scarf Clip Ring to a Polymer Clay Art Piece

UPDATE:  These scarf clip rings are no longer available.  After a long time of searching for more we finally found some but they are different than the ones shown here in this tutorial.  I have created a new free tutorial on how to work with the new clips which you will find here.

Since I first introduced our new scarf clips, we have had many requests for where we got our clip findings.

Well I am happy to announce that they are now available through Shades of Clay.

These findings are a very good quality but due to the strong spring action, we found them to be a little tricky to attach.  I thought I would share with you how we do this so here goes:

Prepare and bake your clay art piece.  If you want your piece to be curved, you can use a form when baking.  Here we used a cardboard tube to create a curve.

The scarf clip finding has a very strong spring action so it can grip the scarf.  When attaching this clip, you want to maintain as much of that "spring" as possible yet not detach itself from your clay piece while baking which it will do if not done in several stages as shown.

(1) Roll out a small piece of clay in the same color as the back of your clay piece (about 3 mm thick).  Cut out an oval shape with a shaped cutter or by tracing around the clip base.

(2) Place the clip base on top of the oval shaped clay piece and press down at the inside end next to the ring hinge.  Remove the clip from the clay and there should be an impression left.

(3) Trim the section from the oval piece using the marks as a guide as shown and then place it back onto the back of the clip base.  This is to ensure that the "spring" mechanism is allowed to move while attached to your clay design.

(4) Apply a bit of liquid clay to the back of the clay on the clip base and center it onto the back of your clay design.

(5) Apply some more liquid clay to the top part of the base making sure it fills all the small "openings".  Take a tiny piece of clay and apply it to the base pressing firmly to make contact with the clay below through the openings with the liquid clay acting as a bonding agent between them.  Bake your piece for 15 - 20 minutes and allow to cool.  Make sure the ring is "open" or "up" while baking or the spring action will force it off while baking.

(6) Allow your piece to cool.  To cover your clip base, roll out a medium-thin piece of clay and cut out a thin strip.  I like to use an oval shape cutter, trimming a bit off to fit.

(7) Apply some liquid clay to the back of your clay strip.

(8) Place it over your clip base as shown leaving enough space below the hinge to allow it to open and close properly.

(9) Close the ring and press it down then open it up again.  This is to be sure that it will close properly after your piece is baked.  You may need to do this a couple of times to double check as you smooth out the edges of your clay covering. (10)

(11) If you like to add your signature stamp or cane slice, this is a good time to do this if you wish.  Bake your piece, leaving the clip ring open (up).  If you bake it with the ring down, the force of the spring action will push the clip off when it is in the oven.

Tomorrow I will show you several ways on how the scarf clips can be worn.

You can see the post here.

Just a note:  The scarf clips work best on a light to medium weight scarf that is not too thick.  Here we are using a polyester scarf that is on the light side but not too flimsy.


Marty said...

Thank you for the information and excellent tutorial! Your scarf rings are beautiful!

MAR√ćA TERESA - libra0653 said...

Muy original. Gracias por el tutorial.