Monday, May 20, 2013

Faux Knitting Techniques

I've been playing around with Judy Belcher's tutorial, Polymer Micro Knitting.  I love how she worked out how to replicate 21 different knitting stitches in polymer clay.  She starts with the very basic stitches and then combines them in various ways to create more advanced ones.  Her lesson is pretty clear and easy to follow.  The Missoni inspired stitches remind me of the Bargello but with texture.

Here are a few items I made using this tutorial which have been a big hit with the yarn shops.  You can see a list of all the stores that sell our handcrafted items on our website.


Leanne Margot said...

awwww two of my favourite things in one. Crafty Clay and Knitting!!! I'm Loving the Sock Brooch especially. Got a thing for brooches lately.

Trina Prenzi said...

These are wonderful!!