Thursday, May 30, 2013

BC Quilt Show 2013

We have been preparing for the upcoming BC "Everybody Loves Quilts" 2013 Show.  It is in Salmon Arm this year which is not too far from where we live.  We took a large space so we can display a wide range of the products that we make.  If you click on the poster you will see a map on our website of where the show is located.

I posted this photo on our facebook page a little while ago of a bunch of leaf canes I made that day.  That was an extremely good production time for me and it did help with having most of my clay colors already premixed.

So here is what some of the leaf canes were used for ...

More concave leaf buttons -- this time we made some in a smaller size that will be perfect for the knitter.  Our leaf buttons have been a popular item but since we put a lady bug on them, people cannot seem to resist them!  So we should have lots of leaf buttons available at the quilt show next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,
Just back in Australia and working my way across the continent towards home in a few days. Catching up with family and emails en route! Thrilled to see you featured in The Polymer Arts blog today. You are both going gangbusters! More soon, just wanted to say g'day. Wendy

2 Good Claymates said...

Good to hear from you Wendy and thanks. Yes we have been keeping pretty busy! Thanks for dropping in and talk later when you are home.