Friday, October 26, 2012

Photoshoot by Natalie of One Love Photography

We love using live models any time we can to show off our jewelry.  It seems to really bring them to life and one can actually visualize wearing the pieces themselves.

I had a really great time yesterday afternoon with some new friends.  Natalie, of One Love Photography,  is a professional (and great) photographer and we had the privilege of her expertise in doing a live photoshoot featuring our scarf jewelry and earrings.  Sarah, Laura and Lilian were the lovely models and the photos were taken outdoors in our local park.  The autumn leaves created such a beautiful background and the sun managed to come out just at the right time in the middle of the chilly day.

Here are a few photos of that afternoon and you can see more on Natalie's blog/website here.

We plan to use the new photos in our upcoming Christmas shows as well as our website. 

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