Friday, February 15, 2008

A Stringing Challenge

Honey, I want to enter this contest!
-- Say what??
This contest in the magazine you bought the other day.

I looked at the article and was still in shock as we had never even thought of doing anything like this before.

The theme was titled "Fun in the Sun". Sounds like we could have some fun with this. Maybe it would give a little more exposure to the many uses of polymer clay.

We threw a few ideas back and forth and went out on a hunt looking for the right "findings", but all we came up with was a pineapple charm. Well, I guess I could make some out of clay. After all, we need to use more clay other than just a sunhat pendant. Maybe we'll start with some sunglasses and some flipflops. How about a palm tree? We have lots of shells we collected from our few years of living in Mexico. A beach ball could be fun. What else? How about a glass of lemonade or pina colada? -- A what? I can't make that! -- okay, I'll give it a try.

Well, we arranged our necklace but decided it needed one more thing --how about suntan lotion? I never thought I would ever be making a bead shaped into a suntan lotion bottle! Well it did make sense and what do you know, it fit perfectly in that spot. But now there was still one more thing. We had all our findings made out of clay except one lonely metal pineapple! Okay dear, I'll try and make a pineapple!

Now what about a clasp? (I had just discovered how to disguise a barrel clasp inside a bead.) Could you do a fish clasp my husband asks? A fish? Why not!?

So now you have it -- a rundown of how our Fun in the Sun Necklace was created. And they even accepted it in the Stringing Magazine competition! In case any of you want to see the many wonderful entries there and even vote on your favorite (ours is #31 hint hint - lol) you can check it out for yourselves.

Hope you all have a sunny, fun or at least a funny day!

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