Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

                  So where do we begin? 

Well it is Valentines day and I remembered that one of the first clay pieces I made last year was this heart. And that is when I found my second love -- creating with polymer clay. (Of course my husband Dave is still my first love!)

It all began with fooling around with beads. Any kind -- stones, seed beads, crystals -- who doesn't like them? I even joined a beaders group to learn more on what to do with my beads. Then I thought, what if I could make my own beads? The lampwork ones that some of the ladies created were just awesome but that was way too hot for me as I didn't want to have anything to do with torches.

I then went to my first bead show. Wow! There were thousands of beads there! It was so hard to restrain myself! But there were some classes offered -- one was making beads from polymer clay! I never thought of that before. The instructor was Joan Tayler, who is a very talented artist. After spending only a few hours in her class and playing with the clay, I could sense the beginnings of my new love affair.

I began to read more and study up about it. Then I started dreaming about it and all the many exciting things I could make! I even joined another group -- the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild. I learned even more about polymer clay such as some new techniques and what I could do with it. By then I decided there was no turning back -- I was definately hooked!

The first heart pendant I made represents the love relationship I've had ever since with my clay. Since it is Valentines day, I thought I would share more valentines with you.


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CONGRATS guys...the blog's looking good ;-)