Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Red Pear and Valiant Poppy - Pantone Fall 2018 Fashion Colors

There are two shades of red in this year's fall palette.  Red Pear is a blue-red with a brown undertone where Valiant Poppy is an orange-red with a gold undertone.  Both shades are very rich and bold and closely related to other shades from the past.  Red Pear is similar to Tawny Port from last years fall color with with a bit more red and Valiant Poppy also has a bit more red than the previous Aurora Red.

Here are the recipes for the Pantone Fall 2018 colors Red Pear and Valiant Poppy using Kato clay:

Red Pear
7 parts Kato Red
1 part Kato Blue
2 parts Kato Pearl

Valiant Poppy
6 parts Kato Red
1/2 part Kato Gold

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