Monday, November 27, 2017

A Time for Giving

I don't know about you, but our e-mail box has been jam packed full of all kinds of sales and advertising lately.  It is a busy time of year and we have been too busy to have a sale and felt it would be swallowed up in all the mainstream advertising wave.  We do, however, still want to pass on some savings to you and will be having some cool sales over the next month.  If don't want to miss any of them, I would suggest signing up on our blog to receive our posts straight to your e-mail box.

This time of year we think more about giving.  We are a proud supporter of the Samunnat Project in Nepal (click on the link to read more about them if you are not familiar).  We help raise money for their project by donating a portion of our Dremel Buffing Pad sales.  So to kick off our holiday sales,  we will be donating an even larger portion from each pack that is sold in our online store from now until the end of December!

And to mix it up a bit, we have added a new color!  Yes we have something for all you purple lovers!  Dremel buffing pads in a fun purple color!  These work exactly the same as our regular pads -- but just in a fun shade of purple!  But hurry as we only have a limited supply and when they are gone they might be gone forever!

So stay tuned for some upcoming sales -- the first one starts tomorrow and each one is for a limited time!

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Mal said...

Darling Carolyn and Dave, Namaste from us all here. We are so grateful for your ongoing support. Not just the wonderful financial support you so generously give but the fact that you have been on our journey with us since such a long time. We are here now making some new products and also trying to create work in our community for other ladies. Now we are doing some nursery and have a catering group who are working so hard. We are always trying to think of ways that vulnerable women can earn an income and be independent. And safe.
So thank you and all your customers so much. With love from us all at Samunnat Nepal.