Monday, June 19, 2017

CaBezel Designs in a Snap - A Learning Curve

I've been experimenting with a new concept using the CaBezel Molds with a snap.  I wanted to see how they would come out if baked on a form to give them a curved shape.  I quite like the end results as it seemed to give them a little more depth.  It is not that the flat designs aren't good -- I just thought it would add more interest to some of the designs.

In my tutorial, "Interchangeable Jewelry in a Snap!", I share my special method for baking the clay snaps so they hold their shape or don't roll around.  Baking pieces with a snap that are curved is a different scenario.  I generally bake these items on a cardboard tube cut in half and then wrapped in parchment paper to prevent the clay from sticking.  So how to balance them on the cardboard tube with a snap on the back?  I found a simple solution:  Punch a hole in the cardboard form for the snap to fit in!

I am quite pleased with my little discovery and now I can bake any curved bead in a snap!

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