Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Behind the Scenes

I want to introduce you to Linda, a good friend of ours.  Her husband passed away not too long ago and we got to talking about how we could really use some help as we are always so busy and she was really wanting something to do to take her mind off things.  As it turns out, Linda is a fabulous helper and she loves working with the clay!  She has found (like me) that working with the clay can be therapeutic but of course, so is all the laughing that we do while we are together!

I started introducing her to the clay by teaching her how to condition it and then how to mix up my color recipes.  She loves mixing up all the clay colors so they are ready for me to use and that makes me happy as it can be quite time consuming, especially when we go through so much.

Linda mixing up clay

It is really great having her here and can't wait until she comes over again today and we can play some more!

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