Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Interchangeable Shawl Stick Designs Created With a Snap

Our shawl pins are a popular item at the yarn shops where they are sold and sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with making more designs.  It seems as soon as we make a bunch, the stores snatch them up and we don't have many left to list in our Etsy shop or online store.  When we started up our Snap Decisions Collection (Interchangeable Fashion in a Snap!), we came up with an idea of adding a snap base (with clay) to a metal shawl stick so the designs could be interchanged.

Our other shawl pin styles are metal that we cover in clay and after a lot of brain storming (and lack of sleep) I finally figured out how to add a snap base to those as well.  I am quite excited about this.  While the metal sticks work best in knits with a tighter weave, the clay covered sticks are a little thicker, so are a better fit for bulky or loose weave knits.

These shawl sticks work really well with our larger snaps as the snap base is plain (no frame surrounding it).  The snaps can be worn on other similar type snap base accessories and worn as a necklace or even a large chunky ring.

Finally, our third and latest shawl stick design has the clay covered stick and a snap base with a decorative metal frame.  The frame makes the shawl stick more suitable for adding our regular size snaps. 

All of our new shawl sticks with a snap base are available in our online store and some sets we have put together will be in our Etsy shop soon.

They are also available in several yarn shops that sell our work:

Kelowna, BC

Vernon, BC

Salmon Arm, BC

Grand Forks, BC

Kamloops, BC

Kamloops, BC

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