Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Sweater Coat from KLA Originals

Kirsten of KLA Originals makes the most gorgeous upcycled sweater coats and jackets and I had thought it would be so cool to own one some day.  I don't often splurge on myself, but in the case of this sweater coat, I couldn't help myself!

This coat was created from at least a half dozen sweaters and I love how Kirsten has such a flare for creating a unique design with all the ruffled layers.  The two triangles on each side of the skirt are nice deep pockets and under the navy placket is a zipper.  We make buttons for KLA's sweater coats and Kirsten finished this off for me so it is ready to add after.  I still have to make them but in the meantime I couldn't wait to wear it and show it off.

This is the back of the coat and the special piece in the back of the hood is really lovely.  The other feature is the little thumb holes at the end of the sleeve.

This coat seems quite heavy but doesn't feel that way at all when it is on and I feel so dressed up in it.  I wore it to Salmon Arm today and was stopped by several ladies asking where I got my coat as they loved it and several expressed how much fun it must be to wear.

You can see more of Kirsten's work, at KLA's Originals website and she is also on facebook here.

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