Monday, November 21, 2016

Necklace with a Front Magnetic Closure and Snap Base

We have some really cool necklaces in our online store.  They are made with a thick genuine braided leather and have a front magnetic clasp.  There is a snap base on the front part of the clasp for creating interchangeable designs.  These necklaces were one of our best sellers at the Lake Country Art Walk last September and were popular with both men and women.

We now also have the clasp to make your own necklace in our Snap DIY supplies section.

To make you own necklace is quick and easy.  The advantage to this is you can use almost any cord that is 6mm thick and in any custom length.  You can also use several strands of thinner cord for a different look.   Here I am using some faux snakeskin cord that is super soft and drapes beautifully.

You can use either superglue (gel) or E6000.  Place a dab of glue on some scrap paper and apply it to one end of the cord with a toothpick.  Add the glue all around the cord up to 1/4" from the end as well as the very end tip.

Push the cord end firmly into the back part of the clasp.  Allow it to dry a bit before gluing the other end.

Lay the cord out flat so it curves naturally around in an open circle.

To prevent the cord from twisting, put the two claps pieces together before gluing and inserting the opposite end.

Larger snaps also work really well on these necklaces making them so versatile.

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