Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Interchangeable Jewelry and Accessories in a Snap

We added a few more new and exciting pieces to our "Snap Decisions" Collection.  Some we only ordered smaller quantities to test them out so there is a limited supply.  As it turns out we are quite pleased with the quality and have listed them in our online store.  Here are a few of them.  You can click on the photos to see the listings.

Some new butterfly pendants.  This one has enamel accents in black and white and we put it on a gorgeous softglass cord.

This is a gorgeous lariat style necklace with a snap base focal that zips up and down the silver snake chain.  It looks so elegant and any snap fits, including the larger styles.

Some new clutch purses in a faux leather.  These purses are so soft and finished beautifully with a fabric liner and 3 extra zipper pockets.  Use as a clutch or attach a long shoulder or wrist strap that are both included for interchanging.  There are bags with a single or triple snap base.

Clutch Purses with Snap Bases
Triple Snap Clutch Purse in Dusty Cedar

And hang your bag with these purse hangers that have a snap base.  They are surrounded with crystals in 4 color choices.

Purse Hangers with Snap Base for Interchanging Snap Buttons

Interchangeable Snap Base Purse Hangers

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