Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brilliant Bloom Flower Buttons for Spring

We introduced our little Brilliant Bloom buttons a few years ago to the yarn shops that sell our work and they were a huge hit.  We make the flowers in 10 different colors along with leaves and ladybugs.  The Brilliant Bloom buttons below are about 3/4" in size and have 2 holes for sewing where the ones below are our Mini Blooms that are only 1/2" and have a metal shank embedded in the back.

Brilliant Bloom Buttons
Brilliant Bloom Lady bug, pink flower and leaf buttons
Mini Bloom Buttons
This year we are introducing a much larger version -- our Gigantic Blooms.  These buttons are a concave shape and two inches in diameter and each one comes with one of our signature lady bugs.

Gigantic Bloom Buttons
Gigantic Bloom Button in Teal Blue
These buttons are already available at Fibre Expressions Quilt Shop, on the Sunshine Coast in Sechelt, BC.  They are also available in our online store in our handcrafted buttons section.


Carla said...

That might be nice on a bright shawl! Looking forward to seeing your buttons

2 Good Claymates said...

And on a hat or bag! Working like mad with so much to do this month. Year end is nearly done (whew!) and since our button inventory is at an all time low we at least want some samples to show you. Will drop you another e-mail Carla!