Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Special Snowflake Promotion Offer

We made more snowflake pattern "snaps" but this time in a zircon teal blue.  We also stocked up our online store with more Swarovski crystals in the smaller sizes and popular colors.  These are the "hot fix" type used in my tutorials and are more secure as the glue is activated and melts with the heat when baking your clay pieces.

I have a new 6 page tutorial on making this Snowflake snap.  In the lesson I show a quick method for making a mould from a finding using scrap clay and then using your mould to create a textured snap that will fit into the snap bezels.  I show how to make a snowflake snap like the ones shown here but you can create other designs with your own findings or use your mould to create other items such as a pendant, earrings or even buttons.

We have a new promotion for the holidays which was featured in our online store newsletter.   We won't generally be sharing our newsletter promotions here on our blog but we didn't want anyone to miss out on this offer in time for Christmas. 

With a minimum purchase of $35 in Snap supplies, we will include a snowflake charm (limited supply) plus my new (6 page) PDF tutorial that will be sent directly to you by e-mail.  You will also receive a bonus of 10% off your total order (excluding shipping).

This offer is good until the end of November.   To receive your free items plus discount, click here or on the above photo and purchase a minimum of $35 from our Snap supply findings and then use the coupon code:  Snowflaketute  at the checkout.

If you don't want to miss out on any future offers like this, then we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter here.

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