Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lake Country Art Walk 2015

I have been falling behind in my posting as there has been so much to do these past couple of weeks. We have been working long hours to prepare for our largest show of the year which is already this coming weekend --- oops!  TODAY! actually.  It is the Lake Country Art Walk in Winfield (east side of Kelowna).  We created quite a few new items just for this show which is very exciting.

It will be a huge struggle for me, however, as my claymate/husband will not be able to be there.  He is had major surgery yesterday and so I hope I can get through this entire event without worrying too much.  He says it will be good that I will have something to occupy my brain and not just be all stressed out.  At least I won't be totally alone with Dave's brother and his wife, Pat who I am staying with and they have helped with set-up.   Pat, along with Brenda, who helped us last year will also be there to help out during the show again this year.  I am really glad as I couldn't possibly do it without them and with Dave being in the hospital all weekend I will be relying on them even more.

Here is our basic set-up from yesterday.  Everything isn't completely in place but will be this morning.  I will have some better photos for you later.  I want to share with you some ideas on how to display your snaps and snap jewelry if you do any up for Christimas or other shows.  The photograph isn't that good as I still cannot figure out the camera on my phone to get better pictures and I forgot my regular camera but gives you a rough idea anyway.

If you haven't signed up for my blogposts or our newsletter from our website, I encourage you to do so as we have some exciting things we want to share with you.  Our first newsletter is almost ready to go out and there will be a special exclusive offer included for anyone receiving it.  We also have a few more surprises coming up such as an opportunity to receive my latest upcoming tutorial for free!  This is very exciting as it is tied to another special event I am involved in but cannot tell you yet as it is a big secret.  So stay posted and look for the big announcement soon.


Mary @ said...

Have a great show! I look forward to seeing more photos, but as I'm sure more readers feel, understand that your hubby comes first.

knotsewcute said...

Give our best to Dave! Hugs to you both from Kim and Tara ♥