Sunday, December 7, 2014

Special Made Crochet Hooks

We have been extra busy this year as we have added lots of new items to sell in the yarn shops.  Some of these are specialty type items for knitting and crocheting.  Our crochet hooks were a bigger hit than we expected them to be so are selling fast.  Each handle is covered in clay in our own decorative patterns, with extra care taken on the "grip" part so it is comfortable while holding.

The hook size is embedded into the end for identification.

They are sold individually in sizes 2.0 through 10.0 and also in a 6 piece "made to order" set that includes a soft faux leather case.

We have also come out with an interchangeable crochet hook set.  The heads easily interchange in the handle that is covered with our own decorative floral patterns.

All our crochet hooks are available at:

(Northshore, Kamloops)


(Downtown, Salmon Arm) 


knotsewcute said...

Wow...these hooks are fantastic!!! You are so creative :)

Unknown said...

Where can I buy these changeable crochet hooks?

2 Good Claymates said...

They are available in our online store (Canadian) here:

Or in our Etsy shop (US):