Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Idea for Clay Color System Card File Organizer

After rearranging the clay work area in our studio, I was wondering where I could put our Color System Album so it would still be handy but not take up so much counter space.  When Dave and I are working on the same projects together I would have to place the album in another spot to create a larger work area.  I suddenly came up with a whole different concept that I could hardly wait to share with you.

I was thinking of using a recipe box and had looked everywhere but could not find one (at a reasonable price) for the 4x6 size index or recipe cards.  Then there was the question of if I did find a box, where would I put it?  Then I realized the solution was right in front of me the whole time.  See the black boxes at the bottom on the counter?

They are wood boxes with drawers that we purchased from IKEA years ago.  They fit on the counter and I discovered that our Color System cards fit inside perfectly!  I discovered that I really like them this way and is even easier to add more cards to each category than into the album.

And here in another drawer are some of our texture sheets and CaBezel moulds -- at least the ones we use the most.

So if you are wondering about my Clay Color System, color recipes are just a small part of it.  It also involves a whole clay and recipe organizing system as well as creating and recording color blends.  I hope this new way of organizing your cards is helpful.  There are other types of boxes with drawers similar to these available but you may come up with something similar that will work for you.

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Carla said...

Nice looking studio you two ; )